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Immigrants Don’t Flee The Third World to see America Turned Into One 


If you ask most immigrants why they came to America the most common answer would be opportunity. There is another key reason, quality of life due to law and order. That’s why many immigrants who have successful careers or wealth move to First World countries even if they could have a very comfortable or rich life in their home country. The first time I came to America, on the way from JFK airport we stopped at a gas station with a convenience store. I was surprised that some of the items were actually on the outside and people would pick them up and go inside to pay. I noticed the same at other stores and supermarkets. That was the stark distinction to me between a First World and Third World nation. There was a overall sense of order, discipline and of personal responsibility that wasn’t typically found in abundance in 3rd world countries where the thought of being robbed or crime was at the forefront of one’s mind.


However, most of us did not move from Third World nations to accept America being turned into one. In most Third World nations even the perception of having something nice or going about a daily routine makes you feel like a target. Government has increasing control and restrictions of the movement of capital in collusion with a rigid elite social class who together have different rules for themselves than everyone else. More bad behavior and indiscipline permeates because there are little or no consequences to them. All these tendencies maintain a country at a Third World level because the lowering of standards becomes culturally acceptable by voters and especially by the political class.


This is what is happening in America today, and if it continues America may cease to being a First World Country in one or two generations. Law and order and the enforcement of it underpin the basis of meeting the standards of being a First World nation. Without law and order there is no prosperity. Though out America we are seeing things that we would not have been imagined decades ago, and it is by choice. Smash and grab in stores, people just casually stealing items without fear of being challenged or arrested. If arrested, no fear of being detained. Callous juvenile crime on the rise. A nation devolves not only into being Third World but anarchy when there are deliberate actions to refuse to enforce laws, but actions that actually incentivize breaking them.

Almost everyday there is an incident involving un-vetted immigrants let in during Biden's open border policies committing crimes including murder. Some have become defiant and mock law enforcement and even attacking police like recently in New York City. The problem is compounded because lax blue state laws often release offenders without bail. Gang members from South American countries such as Venezuela are committing crimes like they do there now in American cities.


Many immigrants have the realization that many natural born Americans don’t appreciate. America’s founding principles of limited government, checks and balances, property rights, rule of law which all enabled the economic freedom millions other flee to, is what made America the First World Country it is while the rest of the region south of us are not, despite having similar resources.


Many of us see it as a privilege not only to visit America, get a green card and especially to become an American citizen, not as an entitlement. Even before being an American citizen but a legal resident I had a sense of reverence when traveling back into the country because I knew it was a privilege. The choice of the downward spiral in America is because defiance to the rule of law is being engrained as an entitlement by the same political class who take oaths to uphold the laws.


Millions have been drawn to defy and break immigration laws and even basic entry requirements that legal visitors to the U.S have to comply with, because the Biden administration not only removed basic agreements with Central American for the orderly asylum application process and to deter travel through them, but also signaled that they will be entitled to be released into the country and cared for. America, a First World Country and the world’s pre-eminent super-power has will fully sullied the law and order of the sovereignty to protect our southern border to brutal cartels, who exploit to make hundreds of billions of dollars on a trail of death, human including child sex trafficking and modern slave trade. While Fentanyl the main killer of Americans in prime military age (18-45) is also pouring through the border we also have tens of thousands of military age men illegally coming through the border, many unaccounted for. The striking image of the attacks of 9/11 were of the planes crashing into buildings, but many forget that allowing simple box cutters on airplanes were the instruments of vulnerabilities which set the attack in motion which changed the world forever. People who seek to harm America study our vulnerabilities and the lawless border and immigration system presents countless deadly opportunities. A major reason why 9/11 occurred was because there were walls that blocked communication between law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as the FBI, CIA and NSA. Cities like NYC with sanctuary city laws prevent police from sharing data with ICE which allows illegal aliens with criminal records to be released when they commit crimes again.


The main impediment for decades to a major immigration reform has been the lack of bipartisan support to bring law and order to securing the border and enforcing penalties of violating it. Democrats like President Biden who purport to care about immigration reform have actually made it exponentially more difficult by motivating millions more immigrants to enter and stay illegally. It also is a direct insult and dereliction of duty to Americans who are physically and economically affected by it.


Democrats have exploited the removal of law and order to pander for votes and turn areas blue. Instead, this abdication to enforce law and order and to lower American standards are turning the areas where their policies dominate into the likes of Third World mayhem. Americans have been voting with their feet from these areas to those that still have law and order and where common sense is not an uncommon virtue. If the rest of America turns into where people are fleeing from, after America there is nowhere else to go. Republicans who want to restore law and order should take note. The GOP’s untapped base are legal immigrants who want the same.

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