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About Me 

Karl Miller is political analyst, writer and conservative commentator. His writings cover a wide range of domestic and foreign policy topics, in addition to current political events. 


Karl began as a public policy writer at in 2010, but since has been a freelance writer and have contributed pieces to,, E21, the economics portal of The Manhattan Institute of policy research and numerous letters to The Wall Street Journal. He has also appeared on the FOX News Hannity show. Occasionally Karl publishes detailed policy papers on certain topics based on extensive research and analysis with specific proposals for those issues.


An immigrant from Jamaica, Karl's journey in conservatism began at a young age long before he became an American citizen. He was inspired by America's founding ideas that made the American Dream for millions a reality, and the importance of America's role in the world to defend freedom. His writings often implore why conservative ideas such as limited government, strong national security and economic freedom are relevant to defend and promote liberty and opportunity in the 21st century.





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