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America's Space War Vulnerability

Recently it was revealed that Russia has considered using nuclear weapons in otter Space. While this vulnerability was downplayed by the Biden Administration and Pentagon officials the possibility of Space Warfare is a clear and present danger.

During the 2008 presidential campaign then Sen. Senator Barack Obama lamented " I will not weaponize Space" to adoring applause. China and Russia promptly accelerated weaponizing Space.  America's adversaries have taken note of our complacency and achilles heal vulnerabilities for decades and are patient to take advantage. Especially when politicians publicize what won't be done to prevent them. Americans take a lot for granted,  especially comforts that only exist because of things we do not see. Maybe if more Americans put as much rationale into choosing who should get elected to the White House and Congress as they do as reviewing for a purchase on Amazon, we can avoid brewing problems and solve current ones.

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