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As Climate Activists Question the Green Benefits of Hybrids, It's Time to Question the Legitimacy of the Climate Industrial Complex

In the Business & Finance section of a recent Wall Street Journal report, climate activists are pushing political pressure to question how environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles are. Maybe it's time to question the legitimacy of the purported expert class of climate activists. The hot air of their claims and influence in probably the biggest misallocation of capital ever keeps falling flat. Climate activists and the lucrative climate industrial complex are almost totally exempt from cost benefit analysis while car buyers do their own. Hybrids are seen as a threat to EV absolutism because it is a viable competitor to the climate industrial complex. No amount of the fleeting fallacy of trying to subsidize away the laws of physics and the laws of economics when it comes to scarcity, makes this activism 'sustainable'. An improper use of a word commonly associated with EV absolutism.

According to Toyota the minerals to make one EV can make 90 hybrids and those 90 hybrids reduce carbon emissions 37 times over their lifetimes than one EV. The world's largest automaker has also been vindicated in letting the market decide on its all of the above powertrain strategy. It posted a record $30 billion net profit for the fiscal year ending March. Their hybrids continue to rise in popularity while the hype for electric vehicles wanes due to real world implications, and auto companies who capitulated to EV absolutism loses billions on them. 

A glaring fact absent from the activist auto industry analysts in the press and coverage of EV is that powertrain needs for the use in the auto market are exponentially diverse. There is no 'one fits all powertrain' for every use, especially on a global scale. While a niche EV company like Tesla has 12 or so models, just one of Ford models such as its Transit cargo/passenger van comes in over 70 versions. Toyota has even many more models and sub-models globally. That is why it has paid off for the company to listen to its customers and dealers, not the government.

While other automakers capitulated to government dictates from the government and unelected bureaucrats, Toyota showed the conviction to stand up for the needs of their customers, dealers and common sense. Its a pity that politicians can't do the same for the taxpayer. Then again the tax payer funded gravy train for the climate industrial complex and activists behind it runs deeply through the swamps of Washington D.C.

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