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Calls for Reparations are Dangerously Regressive in Many Ways

Photo credit : The Wall Street Journal

Many bad ideas especially out of California and other blue states are commonly referred to as being 'progressive', but the results from them are actually regressive in many ways, and also destructive. A committee created by California's Gov. Newsom and the Democratic legislature voted recently to recommend that Ca. make cash payments to black Americans who can claim they were descendants of slaves. This despite the state being in a $32 billion, about $10 billion higher than was predicted last January.

As a black immigrant I am absolutely disgusted about this destructive grievance trend that will set back racial relations for decades while being fiscally dystopian. There is nothing 'progressive' about forcing people who are not slave owners or even their grandparents to pay people who were never slaves or even their grandparents reparations for slavery. Regressive policies are setting back America to the 19th century and undermining its standard of living while unleashing social rot towards being a 3d world country. America has a work ethic, and a widening deficit in educational proficiency and ambition . It is also has elite class of elected officials and talking heads who inspire corrosive attitudes of victimhood rather than empowering upward mobility.

Millions of black immigrants from places that had slavery and people of all colors who experience atrocities which no American born person alive ever experienced, still strive to come to America. On average these immigrants including blacks exceed natural born Americans including whites in terms of income upward mobility. If such a movement for reparations continue, these people including poor whites and people of Asian descent who face their own challenges will be forced to pay. American society will become more polarized and will regress to racial animosities like they were 60 to over a 100 years ago. People who experienced those times and fought to remove them will see their sacrifices bartered away by people who use reparations as a faux gesture of virtuosity, to distract from their failed policies today, despite wasting a lot of money.

The sad truth is that too many people who claim to represent the interests of black Americans including many black liberals who run predominantly black cities find it more politically expedient and to raise their own national profile by running on issues that open old wounds in history, or stoke emotional reactions than actually having credible solutions. These racial grievance facilitators try to enforce mental slavery on many black Americans that they are still under bondages which devoid them the liberties to succeed and upward mobility unless.....these facilitators are empowered to redistribute wealth and the resources from others to 'save' black Americans.

As people are still trying to come to America, people are leaving California in droves. The state has divulged into a petri dish for the destructive regressive contagion of policies that fosters grievance and victimhood, loss of law and order, suicidal energy and economic polices, diminishing work ethic, educational and merit standards which exasperate disparities. If this spreads to the rest of America, there is nowhere else to escape to.

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