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Gas Stove Hysteria, Time to Stop Bad Policies Due to Dubious Science

Photo credit - New York Post

Citing dubious scientific studies from the radical green Rocky Mountain Institute that claim gas stoves causes Asthma in kids, various Federal and States are now contemplating bans on gas stoves. There has been no credible scientific proof that gas stoves pose such hazards, but add it to the list of the many virtuous sounding environmental claims intended to inspire expensive and consequential policies underpinned by more government control of capital via subsidies and spending. Nothing feeds the trough of political spoils funded by tax payer funds more than virtuous claims and supposed crises so dire that no one should dare question their credibility.

The GOP needs to counter consequentially disruptive policies proposed by the Left based on dubious science with real science themselves. The reason the Left has so adamantly suppressed freedom of speech and fair debate is because these would expose the the trillions of dollars in climate policies that manipulate and distort allocation of capital while affecting people's quality of life. A lot of this money in the climate industrial complex get recycled back into political donations. Since Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter it has been exposed that many credible concerns, facts and opinions on COVID were suppressed from public debate by politicians and government agencies. Same would happen if there was transparency on the many credible questions and facts that have been suppressed which countered hysterical climate claims and have influenced public policy. The supposed arbiters of mis-information in the media and Big Tech actually have been biggest the facilitators of misinformation and distortion of science.

Part of the gas stove hysteria has been apart of the Left's war on fossil fuel especially on pipelines which could bring gas to affordable and reliable gas and energy to millions of Americans. We were told for years that the technological innovation of fracking was supposedly bad for the environment despite credible scientific breakthroughs in extraction which proved otherwise. Turns out the U.S leads the developed world in C02 emissions, even exceeding the limits of the proposed Paris Accord primarily because......of fracking which unleashed much cleaner burning natural gas. Our oil also released from fracking is up to 70% cleaner than oil from Russia, the Middle East and Venezuela. However, Democrats and their allies on the Left have not been shy in their motives to kill fossil fuel especially from America. They rather would rather beg dictators in Venezuela and the Middle East to pump oil when there are shocks in the market such as the Russian war on Ukraine.

There are sound arguments against climate hysteria that do more good for the environment than many of the purported environmental policies in place today. The anti fossil fuel movement prevented much cleaner oil and natural gas to be produced to compete with much dirtier oils from dangerous parts of the world. They have celebrated it as a badge of honor to stop major pipelines like the Keystone pipeline to be completed which would also have produced hundreds of jobs. In addition, current stringent environmental regulations have made it almost impossible to build refineries to process cleaner American oil and gas. As a result American oil and gas producers often export a large proportion of our cleaner fuels because we lack enough facilities to refine our capacity. They then in turn import heavier dirtier oil because thats what most or our petroleum industry can process in the refineries we built when we were primarily importing oil. The positive effect of exported oil and gas is that it helps to stabilize world markets, but even those exports have come under the scrutiny by environmentalists. Permits to allow the construction of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) export terminals sat on President Obama's desk for years till President Trump gave them the green light. Now those exports as helping European countries cut off from Russian gas. American oil and gas could simultaneously make us energy independent and make the world resilient to disruptions of energy by rogue and volatile regimes. The 'end fossil fuel crusade' omits the scientific facts that fossil fuels are not only essential for energy but also many things we need such as plastics and natural gas for fertilizer. Certain by-products from making fuels such as gasoline and diesel create other essentials to make asphalt for roads.

Part of the reason why President Biden and Democrats would rather import oil from dictators than remove obstacles to producing and refining more domestic fuels, is because their anti-fossil fuel donors and supporters would rather not have an improved or modernized infrastructure established for fossil fuel energy production and transportation in America.

More so, despite the obvious need for more American engagement in the America's to counter the rapid growing Chinese influence, the anti-fossil fuel lobby would rather oil from dictators than fossil fuel industries developed with U.S help in democratic countries in the region. As Mary Anastasia O'Grady at the WSJ outlined. Last November at a United Nations Climate conference in Egypt the U.S agreed to pay environmental reparations to developing countries. This again was based on dubious science which only enrich corruption in developing countries backed by U.S taxpayers. Days later the Biden administration decided to issue a license to Chevron to resume operations in joint ventures in Venezuela run by brutal socialist dictator President Nicolas Maduro. Venezuela's crude oil is heavy, high sulfur concentrated and one of the dirtiest oils to process. At the same time the Biden administration is impeding the development of light sweet and cleaner low sulfur crude in Venezuela's Democratic neighbor and U.S ally Guyana, which is also the only english speaking country in South America. Guyana's estimated oil reserve is above 11 billion oil equivalent barrels. Only Kuwait on a per capita basis has more oil. However the Biden administration has vetoed a Inter-American Development Bank loan which was going to aid the development of these vast reserves which would have brought significant prosperity and modernization of infrastructure in the region. The reason was based on a Treasury " guidance on fossil fuel energy at the multilateral development banks", which says that the U.S will " promote ending financial financing of carbon intensive fossil fuel-based energy". This leaves more opportunity for China to fill the investment void in the region and further its influence with traditional American allies.

Not only is China growing its strategic advantages globally and especially in the areas close to the U.S, China will monetarily benefit from them including investments in fossil fuels. China's greenhouse gases emissions exceed those of the U.S and developed countries combined. China is also responsible for 27% and growing of the World's emissions while the U.S accounts for 11% with much higher environmental standards. China also controls over 70% of the supply chain for minerals for batteries to power electric cars often extracted from low environment standards. So not only has dubious science been used for destructive policies, it is enabling Americas greatest adversary to be in a stronger position to capitalize and manipulate them for its global hegemonic ambitions. The latest gambit to end gas stoves is only the latest wake up call of our creeping slide into deeper public policy suicide and economic malpractice.

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