A Long Term Fix for Immigration - An Ability To Prosper (ATP) Transitional Visa

June 23, 2019

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June 23, 2019

This proposal contains excerpts from a larger piece on immigration, ' Thoughts of a Conservative Immigrant, A Better Way to Reform Immigration for the 21st Century'

Only time will tell if Congressional Democrats will compromise with President Trump on border security and reforming asylum laws. However,our immigration system will need a long term solution to not only address DACA but also immigrants under the Temporary...

March 24, 2019

A detailed analysis, observations and specific proposals for actual bills by the author to reform immigration, and why he thinks if the GOP does not lead on Immigration Reform, it could be making its greatest political blunder of the 21st Century.


November 21, 2018

The story of the first major celebration of Thanksgiving by the Pilgrims in the fall of 1621 is all too familiar. However, what were the messages and the significant elements which contributed to the pilgrims being able survive and to celebrate Thanksgiving thereafter? These elements are property rights, free market ideas and early forms of capitalism, which fostered individual upward mobility and economic prosperity for c...

January 4, 2017

There is great anticipation that soon-to-be President Donald Trump will embrace pro-growth policies, however his tendency to politicize allocation of capital is still worrisome. This is contradicting the key conservative principle of economic freedom, the free movement of capital to where they are most productive.

Mr. Trump’s inclination to selectively target U.S companies and how they invest capital also violates the princ...

November 7, 2016

Donald Trump still has a chance to beat Hillary Clinton for the Presidency on Tuesday, but House Speaker Paul Ryan may still be the most important person to the GOP no matter who ends up winning.

Most indications are that the GOP will still hold the House but may do so with less of a majority. There is a high chance the Senate could flip to the Democrats. If this happens and Mrs. Clinton also wins the Presidency, the obviou...

July 21, 2016

I will never forget the day I came to the realization that I was a conservative. I was browsing talk radio shows and learned that the word ‘conservatism’ embodied the values I have resonated with for years: Limited government, economic freedom, a strong national security (especially to counter autocratic and tyrannical regimes) and free enterprise. Most importantly, this personal discovery answered a lingering question I h...

July 11, 2016

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is officially Donald Trump's Vice Presidential candidate. Mr. Trump had mentioned earlier that one of his criteria for a VP candidate was that the person should have Washington experience, and understanding of how the legislative process works to influence getting policy agendas through. While former House Speaker Newt Gingrich may also have been on the shortlist because he has those credentials, Mr...

April 24, 2016

The effects of Ted Cruz’s “New York values” remark months ago before the Iowa caucuses to describe Donald Trump's liberal record, was a main factor that led to his distant third place finish in the New York primary. It may even have affected the Mr. Cruz's momentum in the race which he ultimately suspended. However this experience should be instructive to the senator and other conservatives about how to go about their mess...

February 29, 2016


Senator Marco Rubio has a political niche that can help overcome any doubts about his credentials to be president, and still make him a formidable candidate going into the March primaries. In addition to being a young bilingual Latino Senator, Mr. Rubio’s humble beginnings has shattered the stereotype about the GOP that it is the party of old rich white men. Democrats and the media often amplify this stereotype. The inspi...

February 28, 2016


Just when the GOP has the most demographically diverse and qualified group of presidential candidates ever to revitalize its brand, it also has Donald Trump. He is the antithesis of a revitalized GOP and is amplifying the negative and false stereotypes of the party such as it being for the rich, whites and that it is anti-immigrant and racist. Rather than being a process of justifying conservatism, the GOP presidential pr...

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A Long Term Fix for Immigration - An Ability To Prosper (ATP) Transitional Visa

June 23, 2019

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